Look… Burglars Are Taking EVERYTHING & LAPD Sees Open Windows/Garages On Night Patrols. STOP IT!!!

Maybe you don’t give a crap about your stuff being stolen, and you leave your garage doors WIDE OPEN at night, and your windows… but maybe take a moment to consider your neighbors. Burglars seize crimes of opportunity…things that make it EASY for them to grab your stuff, and relish in the profits of selling it for money or drugs or whatever. They LOVE the hours between 3 and 5 a.m. They don’t breeze into Venice and just hit one house… they go for as much as they can. When YOU leave your home in a condition that makes it easy for thieves to take stuff…THEY COME BACK. The other evening LAPD impounded a blue truck, that was registered as a stored vehicle…which means the owner in San Bernardino was not driving it and wanted to pay reduced registration. Chances are, someone stole or “borrowed” the vehicle to be used in burglary crimes. Multiple calls came in about male Hipsanics being seen prowling yards and stealing bikes and putting them in the back of the truck. When LAPD caught up with the truck, there was a bike in the back and the suspects heard or saw the cops and bailed.

Right now LAPD is experiencing a lot of frustration, as home owners are behaving in a way that attracts and enables these criminals. When burglaries happen and laptops, iPads, purses, wallets and phones are taken… a common result is a door or a window was left open.

It takes less than 40 seconds for a burglar to look into a window, see a purse, try a door , swipe the bag and leave. They do not care if you are home. Your shock and reaction won’t turn into a police call until they are well on their way.

PLEASE LOCK UP. As long as Venice is an easy target… the burglars will keep coming. When you are a target, you make your neighbors targets also.


  • Motion detecting lights by doors and windows
  • Inexpensive door alarms that make a loud beep when the door or window is opened
  • U-Locks for bikes attached to the bike frame
  • Other great services are Vivint and Time Warner Cable Home Security.



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