Alfonso Guzman On No Bail Parole Violation Hold And $50k Bail For Oakwood Meltdown


Your neighbor and mine, or I guess maybe son, druggie, parolee, BF, BFF and documented gang member (according to SWAT assessment) Alfonso Guzman is on hold in jail for felony theft and parole violation with no bail. What was charming yesterday during the tweeting of this event were the MANY people who ID’d “Fonzo” as either their “bro” or as the guy they saw STEAL their bike.

LAPD officers saw Guzman flee a residence with a backpack and led him in a foot pursuit. On his way through a yard he grabbed a bike but quickly ditched it and his backpack full of stolen loot. He reportedly entered a house, changed clothes, and tried to flee again in his newly stolen duds. LAPD already had a perimeter set up and he fled to an apartment building supposedly where his girlfriend lived. He got up on the roof, and kept trying to get access to her apartment from the roof. Alfonso is reported to be a heavy meth user and was said to be under the influence at the time, which partially explains his crime sprees and his laying down for a nap and getting up repeatedly while in a standoff on the roof with SWAT. He eventually surrendered.

High-five Venice.

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