Burglar Wanted For Multiple Crimes On Roof – SWAT On Scene

UPDATE! Alfonso- a documented gang member and drug user is in custody.

20130426-094039.jpg Thanks to @notspamipromise for the image

This morning LAPD beach officers witnessed a burglar that had just hit a residence and was wanted for multiple burglaries in Oakwood – and they engaged him in a foot pursuit. A backup call went out and he ran into another house – changed clothes and tried to escape to his girlfriends apartments when LAPD saw him. A perimeter was set up and now the suspect is holed up on the roof on an apartment building. His mom,dad, girlfriend and best friend are all on hand to watch SWAT retrieve him and take him to jail. He is a prolific burglar and has possible gang ties in Oakwood.

He won’t come down. Has no place to go but the can. See ya.

Story developing.



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