R.I.P. Bobby Brown – “World’s Greatest Wino”


Bobby & I on the Santa Monica 1 last month. R.I.P buddy.

Bobby, popularly known as “The World’s Greatest Wino” has passed. Bobby has been a fixture on the boardwalk for years, singing “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Help Me Get Drunk”, telling jokes and always being an upbeat personality. He was diagnosed with throat cancer last year, had surgery and was going through bouts of treatment. I would often pass by and ask him what he needed, and some days it would be apple sauce, others it would be throat drops. When his voice gave out someone gave him a megaphone with a recording of what he used to sing… Bobby held on until the end… and always said things were “Jam Up and Jelly Tight”. He loved the casino… and ironically didn’t drink a drop. He will be missed.



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