Downtown To Venice “Beach CicLaVia To The Sea” To Have Unprecedented LAPD Presence -Traffic/Metro JACKED!

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The CicLaVia To The Sea event this Sunday will CLOSE Venice Blvd to traffic so bicyclists can freely roam and ride from downtown to Venice without having to deal with those pesky cars!

This is a MASSIVE undertaking. All side roads will be blocked with the exceptions of those marked on the map above, where cars can pass at a stoplight. As the ride progresses to Venice, the streets will reopen. LAPD and DOT will be deployed to keep this massive mound of vehicular spaghetti untangled… but it ain’t going to be pretty if you are equipped with a 4 wheel auto.

The ride begins DOWNTOWN at Union Station at 10 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. in Venice.  I guess they mapped how long it will take a 4 yr old to ride with training wheels and came up with 5 hours for the ride… it should be a blast if you are on a bike and a nightmare if you are in a car. Oh yeah, this is jacking bus routes all over the city too.

Viva La Cyclevolution!


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