“Suspicious Package” Shuts Down Streets At Westminster Elementary

UPDATE: After taking a fancy remote X-Ray and cutting the suitcase open with a police-issue knife… it contained nothing suspicious. In fact, it contained nothing at all. Good reason to put your trash in the dumpster and not leave it as a potential “gift” for a passerby. Better safe than sorry. Thanks fancy bomb squad.

So here’s how this works…typically in Venice anyway…. A transient chain-locks their belongings to a pole, which now cannot be confiscated (even though there is an ordinance against affixing personal property to City property) and they leave. In this climate, it could be a bomb.

Thus, all the streets around Westminster Elementary are closed until the bomb squad makes its way through LA traffic and clears the scene. Sorry kids, school is still open.

You can only drop off or pick up from the Abbot Kinney entrance.







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