R.I.P Venice Fixture Richard J. Brooker


Richard was a friend and colleague to many in Venice, at The Terrace, Hinano and The Cow’s End.

Richard played Jason Voorhees in “Friday the 13th Part 3D”… when he first started wearing the hockey mask. He had an office up where my old office was, and he would come visit all the time.

Here is his bio from his website:

“Richard Brooker was new in the country performing as a Flying Trapeze artist after completing many years performing in World renowned circus’s around the world. Little did he know that when he answered a trade magazine ad looking for a big man to star in an unnamed film, he would end up playing Jason in Friday the 13th Part 3. This surprise provided the 6-foot-4-inch actor and professional trapeze artist with both his first acting job in the US and a chance to join the elite group of actors that have created such “Icons of Horror”.

‘Starring as a totally mindless killing machine seemed the perfect opportunity to prove that you don’t have to talk to act,’ he explains. ‘The director, Steve Miner, agreed that Jason should be played in a largely improvisational manner.

Predictably, it was the 3-D filming that Brooker found most painstaking. ‘The kills were probably the hardest things we had to shoot,’ he says, ‘because the 3-D process we used necessitated multiple takes on everything. It was not uncommon to do 14 or 15 takes of a simple stabbing sequence; we spent hours and hours on the eyeball squeeze.’

But the 3-D hardships paid off, after a fashion. ‘I wasn’t a bad Jason.’ Brooker laughingly claims, adding that having essayed the masked killer proved to be an ice-breaker with the ladies. ‘I was once introduced to a girl in a bar as the guy who played Jason,’ he smiles. ‘She wanted to know if I slept with a hatchet in my bed.’ – Jason Goes to Hell magazine.

Richard, continued his career in the entertainment business, compiling an impressive list of both acting and production credits. He won an Emmy Award in 2006 for “Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development.

Richard is currently producing and developing a number of new projects both for TV and the Big Screen.


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