Raven Furlong Listed Missing Since February 5th Found At Ninja Warrior Tryouts


Raven Furlong was reported missing from her Colorado home on Feb 5th 2013, and initial reports feared she may have been lured away by a modeling site. Just over a month later her car was found in Venice Beach. Her family flew out and police sat on the car but Raven did not return to the vehicle which contained her ID and personal belongings. During the course of the next week it was learned that she had been arrested along the boardwalk with a man named Dionnte Paxton. During the arrest she gave police a fake name. Her ID was confirmed when Dionnte’s belongings were found in Raven’s recovered car… and the connection was made between them. Her family flew in from Colorado and scoured the area, and several possible theories on Raven’s whereabouts were generated. The process turned up many astonishing allegations about drug sales and human trafficking on the Venice Beach boardwalk, with many credible witnesses and stories. Despite the days-long search, Raven was not found. Her parents returned home with her car and there were no more sightings of her.

Yesterday I was at the American Ninja Warrior set, and I saw a girl that looked like Raven. I texted the photo to her mother, and she said it was her. Although 18, Raven is still listed as a missing person and it was widely circulated that she was associated with a human trafficking ring. Raven was also wanted for providing false information to LAPD upon her earlier arrest. Her safety and well being was the most important issue. Captain Peters was on the news speaking about the earlier search for Raven which was nationwide news when her car was found. I contacted Sgt. Gonzales who was working the beach and when approached she went with LAPD with no problem. An aunt was in town searching for her who also went to the police station in the hopes of taking her home to Colorado.

The net result is that Raven is fine. She is 18 now, is healthy, does not look to be strung out on drugs… and quite confidently told me after she was dropped back off by police that she was not lured by a modeling site, she was through with family conflict and is now happy, fine, and living on her own.

NBC and other news outlets have run the story. Raven said she was glad this was cleared up and finally taken care of.

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  1. Ok folks, enough. The family has been through enough. The horror of having your kid disappear must be unimaginable. No armchair quarterbacking on how to parent a teenager please. No more comments on this topic will be approved.

  2. CallmeAforANGRY says:

    @CarollCanal How DARE you blame her family for giving her an online reputation for “being in the sex business.” IS THAT WHAT YOU CALL HUMAN TRAFFICKING? Why is Raven in only a pair of socks? Why hasn’t Raven called her family to say she is ok and this is the life she has chosen? TOO MANY unanswered questions for anyone to walk away. I wish I could say what I really want to – and maybe one day, I can.

    • CarollCanal says:

      Maybe she didn’t feel like wearing flip flops like the rest of the people at the beach? The detective on Fox News said they made her call her family. What if she is fine and wants to be left alone like the hundred or so other runaways in Venice that are 18 and older? What if? How many answers do you need?

  3. CarollCanal says:

    Parents and aunt are in denial. Let Raven move on and get a job without being perceived as someone in the sex trade. You are ruining her future and have now committed her reputation online for the rest of her life as being someone in the sex business. Leave the girl ALONE! She left on her own! Accept it!

  4. How does society determine vagrancy charges? It used to be that if you had $2 dollars in your pocket you weren’t a vagrant because you could rent a hotel room with that, so you weren’t charged with “vagrancy.”

    Slacker compliance from the LAPD like this is disgusting to see. They could have pulled a WIC300 citation, charging vagrancy and no visible means of support, sobering her up in custody off that dope she seems to be on.

    Unfortunately I see it every day I bike through town – we’ve become an Amsterdam dumping ground of mental illness and drug dealers. Thanks, Venice! Salt of the earth you’re NOT

  5. Awesome work Venice311. Great example of local blogging potential. You embrace the spirit of many in Venice when you say it’s not illegal to be mentally ill or homeless. It’s compassion and the idea that we are all one that attracts the disenfranchised to Venice. I’d prefer my neighbohood to be a sanctuary for those in need than the alternative – incarceration, suicide, etc.

  6. We have hundreds of kids, and runaways in Venice, and Hollywood. Why would a sex trafficking ring need to travel all the way to Colorado to snatch a teen, when Hollywood Blvd, and surrounding area are full of them begging for spare change. Someone should let this sex trafficking ring know next time they could drive from Venice Beach to Hollywood, about 20min drive, and they will find enough pretty 16-22yr old pretty run away girls to fill their stable for a lifetime, and it’s a whole lot closer than Colorado. Glad she was found alive.

  7. Bryant Jackson says:

    I am a close friend of Raven’s father who has seen this whole thing from start to now. I grew up in southern California and specifically spent fifteen or more years down in Venice Beech. It is definitely not a likely place for anyone to try and become successful in life or as a person. Bottom line, thanks to the lack of common sense by law enforcement and the so called friends that brought her, Raven is being allowed to single handedly destroy her own life. Shame ……………………………….

  8. Derpina says:

    Maybe it’s just my wild imagination, but trying out for a spot on a nationally broadcast game show doesn’t seem like the sort of thing a person deep in the clutches of a sex slavery ring would be found doing. Nor would such a person be found easily by TV news crews and interviewed, such as NBC did the other night.

    And honestly, if the stories from her mom and family are to be believed, Raven is an intelligent (and now adult) person who is capable of evaluating evidence and making her own life choices. Are we now to believe that such a person has been rendered stupid simply because she made a decision her Mom doesn’t agree with?

  9. Raven is a close friend of my son and myself. I don’t believe she’s speaking from her heart, not at all. Raven loves her family and has many good friends here in Colorado. If she is truly happy and complacent were she currently is in her life then she would have NO problem giving her parents a call each week, telling them she’s sorry the way she left but she’s fine, she’s happy, she’s found her niche. I know her well enough to know she would do that. This story of her being “done with the family conflicts” is crap!! Bottom line. I’m hoping that soon, she’ll run into some of her friends and snap out of this false reality she’s been brain washed into and come home.

    • We have enough runaways down here. Trust me the community hopes they all snap out of it… she seemed quite direct and confident about her feelings. Give her the space she wants I’m sure she’ll come around when she wants to. The only person that really knows Raven, is Raven.

      • Orange406 says:

        Venice311, how can you be SO certain of this… when it is you who says that the only one who knows Raven, is Raven?
        You spent very limited time with her? Yes? How can you really assure others that she is really in no danger? That no one is preying on her? That she will “come around?”
        If she was truly so great, why doesnt she call ANYONE from home? A high school girlfriend? Maybe a professor? A neighbor?

  10. Jo Miller says:

    This girl’s mom is a friend of mine. I have followed this from day one. How come there is no mention of the two reportedly”thick” black men that pulled her up from the sitting position you see her in here by her arm? At the moment venice 311 walkie talkied the police to move in…

    there is a sex trafficking ring operating on your little slice of heaven and the police are letting it go on, who is on the take?

    • The men were not related, they had them move so they could throw a football. Not everything is a giant conspiracy. The police and related agencies have the sex trafficking info that was provided during the search, that is not an LAPD local operation. The primary issue here was Raven, her whereabouts and her safety. She was diligently interviewed and the determination was that she is 18 and not in danger or harm. As many that deal with the beach soon learn, it is not against the law to be crazy, mentally ill, 18, independent or homeless. Other people may not like it, but unless you are harming yourself and others, you are free in this country when of age to do what you want. That’s the American Way.

      • Jo Miller says:

        Explain away why she arrested and released when still a minor with a bloody ear when the department had flyers on her as missing kid and the car was reported in as well. The American Way is now the highway to hell. Wake up.

        • She gave the police false information during her arrest which was *prior* to the alert that she was in Venice and before her car was found.

          • And in all that time she didn’t notice her car was missing or report it stolen? Sorry just seems very suspicious.

          • Car was owned and registered to parents. They reported it stolen when the parking tickets in Venice started showing up. That is what tipped them she was here. She didn’t want to be found.

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