Raven Furlong Listed Missing Since February 5th Found At Ninja Warrior Tryouts


Raven Furlong was reported missing from her Colorado home on Feb 5th 2013, and initial reports feared she may have been lured away by a modeling site. Just over a month later her car was found in Venice Beach. Her family flew out and police sat on the car but Raven did not return to the vehicle which contained her ID and personal belongings. During the course of the next week it was learned that she had been arrested along the boardwalk with a man named Dionnte Paxton. During the arrest she gave police a fake name. Her ID was confirmed when Dionnte’s belongings were found in Raven’s recovered car… and the connection was made between them. Her family flew in from Colorado and scoured the area, and several possible theories on Raven’s whereabouts were generated. The process turned up many astonishing allegations about drug sales and human trafficking on the Venice Beach boardwalk, with many credible witnesses and stories. Despite the days-long search, Raven was not found. Her parents returned home with her car and there were no more sightings of her.

Yesterday I was at the American Ninja Warrior set, and I saw a girl that looked like Raven. I texted the photo to her mother, and she said it was her. Although 18, Raven is still listed as a missing person and it was widely circulated that she was associated with a human trafficking ring. Raven was also wanted for providing false information to LAPD upon her earlier arrest. Her safety and well being was the most important issue. Captain Peters was on the news speaking about the earlier search for Raven which was nationwide news when her car was found. I contacted Sgt. Gonzales who was working the beach and when approached she went with LAPD with no problem. An aunt was in town searching for her who also went to the police station in the hopes of taking her home to Colorado.

The net result is that Raven is fine. She is 18 now, is healthy, does not look to be strung out on drugs… and quite confidently told me after she was dropped back off by police that she was not lured by a modeling site, she was through with family conflict and is now happy, fine, and living on her own.

NBC and other news outlets have run the story. Raven said she was glad this was cleared up and finally taken care of.

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