UPDATE: IN CUSTODY: 5150 Suspect Embedded Holed Up In Apt At Glyndon &Venice

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IN CUSTODY! Mentally ill subject that entered an apartment that was not his, moved the couch in front of the door and barricaded himself for almost 8 hours is now in 8-point restraints on a gurney… on his way to jail. Police were called to the area for this guy three times today. He is a well known suspect in Venice and has had many run-ins with law enforcement. When he does time in jail for everything from burglary to narcotics charges…he is held in the mental ward. And he likes to fight LAPD. This time after SWAT exhausted all of their gas canisters, it took a K9 to “encourage” him to surrender. Last turn in jail he did 8 months, lets see what this nets him. Apparently he did heavy damage while going apeshit inside the victims apartment. SWAT saw him through the window playing with knives and doing some heavy redecorating.

Scoop is that the man and woman that live at that address went to leave to get a sandwich, and the mentally ill suspect just bombed right into their apartment, closed the door and moved the couch in front of the door, screaming like a monkey. Cops showed up and tried to enter with the key, and the guy was going absolutely nutzo. He had been in the area spinning in circles on the neighbors lawns and climbing on poles and screaming all morning. LAPD was called several times, but their mental evaluation unit was too busy to handle it….and it led to this. SWAT officers tried every tactic in the book to get him out. They flooded the house with tear gas, flash canisters… they could hear him coughing but he covered his mouth and fled under a bed. SWAT entered adjacent apartments, broke out all the windows, sent a robot in and observed him having a heyday inside the location. He was extremely difficult to apprehend. Finally a K9 kept him busy enough to allow a swarm of officers to detain him. He was transported to Brotman Medical ER and it took 3 more officers and a supervisor to handle him in the ER until he was transported back to jail where he will no doubt be back in the mental ward. And, after her serves his time for this last crime… he’ll be right back out on the street. No law against being homeless and mentally ill.

UPDATE: Suspect has a LONG history of arrests, narcotics and was detained for a long time in the Twin Towers Jail mental ward. Also, every cops favorite – battery on a Police Officer. Is said to be violent! SWAT is encouraging him to answer the phone inside the apt so they can tell him to cut the BS and surrender – in a politically correct manner.

A reported 5150 subject is currently holed up in an apartment at Venice & Glyndon. First reports said he entered an apartment that was not his and locked himself in. People at scene are saying he may have procured weapons from another location and is armed. SWAT is on scene and traffic is shut down from Lincoln past Glyndon on Venice. It’s screwed. Story developing.

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