Two Arrested In Stolen Car On Mildred – No Charges Pending For Ugly Face Tattoo


Two of our awesome Venice Beach beach officers took to their bikes today which is one of the most productive ways of nabbing idiot bad guys… and they hit the jackpot. While cruising down the infamous Mildred, they noticed two males who turned out to be driving a stolen car. They held the suspects at gunpoint until other units arrived. The guys were going to visit “a friend” on the 500 block of Venice Way. Both were cuffed and as you can see from the photo above… officers still didn’t know what they may be dealing with at the property. They went in with guns drawn until the area was cleared. One of the chumpsters was a big guy with a big fat crazy face tattoo. Took two sets of cuffs to detain him. Quite the fashion plate.


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