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UPDATE: After many volunteers combed Venice and Santa Monica last night in search of Ana Reyes, she turned up today near Silverlake. After taking off from the rest rooms at Westminster and Ocean Front Walk, with no money or food, she just meandered on buses and finally got hungry and walked into a hospital.  Ana is cared for by her son and his wife, and they are homeless in Venice. They are skilled, but just hit hard times and are trying to get along and protect their mother and manage caring for her while they get back on their feet. They are struggling through he social services system to get stabilized… but primarily need medication for their mother, Ana, who has mental illness. Not so easy. Until that happens, she will keep taking off, and making it almost impossible for  them for them to do what is necessary to get help and get housing. Several LAPD officers, Pastor Weller from the Four Square Church and several from the community are now helping out the family. Job #1 is to get Ana medicine so they can get into housing, and get stable. A mental evaluation team from the county is coming to visit them at the hospital now to see if Ana can get emergency meds…. what we learned today though was pretty interesting. Even though she is mentally ill and disoriented, as long as she is able to seek food and water, even if she is completely incontinent and running around the city disoriented and away from the care of her family… that does NOT qualify her for emergency treatment for mental illness. She would have to be unable to seek food, or she would have to be a danger to herself.

When she walked into the hospital today, she said she had no family and was lost. They got her name, googled it and found our story that she was missing. Hopefully the mental evaluation team from the County will deem her eligible to get a fast track for medication so they  can finish their application for housing.



TONIGHT! We are asking neighbors who want to help search for Ana Reyes to do the following PLEASE. Here are the details:

Ana Reyes is 64

4’11” with brown hair and a DISTINCTIVE Grey streak on top

Wearing a dark navy blue hoodie with white front hand pouch, blue pajama pants with golfers on them, black shoes. Likes to keep hoodie pulled up over her head.

She will enter yards, drink from hoses. When she was found two days ago, she was asking a stranger if she could take a shower.

VERY LIMITED ENGLISH – has been off meds and needs them!!!

Is attracted to bright areas, will sleep in alleys.

We are staging a massive search at the LAPD sub station at Venice Beach tonight at 8 p.m. – YOU CAN HELP by taking a walk around your neighborhood and looking for Ana. As far and as wide as you feel comfortable going… if you see her… CALL 911 SHE IS REPORTED AS A CRITICAL MISSING.

The family is homeless. They are good people trying to work through the slow system to get stabilized and caring for a mentally ill elder is extremely hard on the street. Please help by looking….she was found locally but likes the bus and could be traveling along Venice Blvd. May be attracted to Mexican restaurants or markets, anything brightly lit.

Here is the critical missing broadcast for Ana:

Check this out on Chirbit



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