UPDATE: Local Parolee Gang Member Leads Pursuit – Crashes Into Wurstküche


Photo: Anthony Citrano - click image for more.

Photo: Anthony Citrano – click image for more.

So this whole incident started at 19th and Pacific. Officers were apprehending a stabbing suspect and had just secured that suspect in a patrol car. There were many units on scene – traffic was wadded up, and officers were dispersing. The driver of the Ford F250 was not only impatient, he blazed past officers and around all of the vehicles in a very aggressive manner… which isn’t very smart when you are reportedly on parole and have a lot of suspicious material in your (friend’s) car. That is apparently why he took off… making it from 20th and Pacific, south down Pacific, East on Washington, and north on Lincoln to the point where he crashed in 2 minutes. Sources told me that he is a documented gang member, and there was criminal evidence found in his vehicle. A myriad of charges are expected to be pending.

Photo of crash by Ty Allison

Photo of crash by Ty Allison

UPDATE: Driver has severe injuries, bicyclist has severe injuries, 2 inside Wurstküche have minor injuries and were transported to the hospital and one was treated and released at the scene. LAPD Commander Blake Chow and his team from the counter-terrorism and special operations bureau are on scene. They respond to all major collisions where major property damage has occurred. I will be adding the audio from the incident shortly… but word at scene is that the driver, a parolee and local gang member had reason to flee… he had a monstrous amount of cash and possible evidence of narcotics in quantities indicating intent to sell in his vehicle. Guess that’s why he fled…

More to come – white Ford F250 driven by a local gang member led LAPD in a chase right by where they were apprehending a stabbing suspect at 20th and Pacific. At speeds in excess of 80mph – he went down Washington to Lincoln – hit a bicyclist at Brooks before crashing into Wurstküche where several inside were injured. 5 ambulances were called to take away the injured. The driver reportedly has severe injuries.

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