SnapChat Occupies Blue Beach House On OFW


UPDATE: SnapChat apparently is an app primarily used for sexting by “kids”. Good to know. A column on the app writes: it appears possible that “teenagers are more likely using the app to safely explore the sort of silly, unguarded, and sometimes unwise ideas that have always occupied the teenage brain … in a manner that won’t haunt them forever. In other words, they’re chatting with Snapchat precisely because it’s not like chatting with Facebook.”
The blue beach house on Sunset & OFW that has been unoccupied for years ( Kush Dr. Rented it last ) – partly due to what had been advertised as a $20k per month rent – had been rented by Stanford alum startup SnapChat. An app that boasts to make social networking fun again. Just please… SnapChat…. Don’t make/hand out stickers…. Seriously.

I installed the app and proceeded to see how it would make social networking fun again, up to the point where it wanted to access my entire list of contacts, which it needs to cross-reference to find other SnapChat users. Negative. Uninstall. Nothing makes series A investors happier than a gigantic inflated monthly expense that doesn’t positively contribute to your bottom line. #ofwrent


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