Prove Me WRONG! PLEASE!!! Beware Of Cash Needy SCAMMERS Door-knocking…

So I received this from a local neighbor plagued by many of the issues near the Lincoln & Roseish area of Oakwood… but this one is a show stopper. Does anyone know of a local girl that apparently was scheduled for heart surgery today, but it still wouldn’t happen unless a few hundred more bucks was donated IN CASH!!!

Here goes…

“Last night around 6:00pm a young black woman approached me as i got out of my car asking for a “… a donation for my little niece’s heart operation, it’s tomorrow …… Blah, blah, blah….. “. She had a picture of a 7 year old girl in a communion like dress. It was beleivable at first, until she said her neighbors that live on the next block already raised almost $1,300 and they’re trying to reach $1,500 to perform surgery and it’s TOMORROW!. I asked what hospital and the child’s name. Said it’s UCLA and the girl’s name is Tory. I asked if there’s any info. online where we can donate, she said no, only taking cash donations. I advised her that i’ll call UCLA to make a donation directly. I don’t even know where to start making the phone calls to UCLA, due to privacy laws, etc. (A few weeks ago, i was approached by a young man asking for cash donation to expand shelters for homeless single moms). I would gladly give $ to help people in my community, I just find it hard to believe that UCLA will not perform such surgery unless a certain price is met. Sad to play with people’s emotions this way. (as for the shelter guy, the bogus name tag was enough to tell him to hit the road).”


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