KOOKS GO HOME! Locals ONLY! :) <--- A Smiley Makes It Nicer, (Not)

So for the past few weeks a local artist / sufer / humanitarian has been gracing the Venice Pier with a message to non-locals. GO HOME. Yes, surfing. That spiritual, zen like religion that would inspire even the sweetest of bro’s to kick a crutch out from underneath and old lady if it meant catching that awesome wave.

After the first artists rendering it was cleaned. Then it reappeared. And was cleaned. Then it reappeared. And the cycle continues. The irony here is that it isn’t really a locals thing. I’m sure if any local decided to paddle out into the lineup regardless of their “localness” they’d be mad-dogged by the same like-minded crew. Used to watch it happen every day, and if I made it a point to walk out there ever day for the next 50 years I’m sure I’d experience the same every time…

I know plenty of locals that have fought with plenty of other locals out in our not-so-friendly knee high crap ass breaks. But as history stands in Venice – we never ever have known what’s worth fighting for.

This guy didn’t give a shit. He caught a fish! Weeee!


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