Burglary From Motor Vehicle Suspects Freed, Street Cred Maximized

Image courtesy of www.lucidpublicrelations.com

Today someone in the area of Windward and Main thought they saw a guy break into a car and steal a steering wheel. The suspects were in a painted van with handcuffs on the back (how fitting!) which made it easy for LAPD to spot. They were pulled over, asked to step out of their vehicle and had a perp-parade in the middle of Windward Circle as an LAPD airship flew over. Twitter guy @LucidJonFranks caught the action as he drove by so I had to come out and take a look.

As I approached they took one of the guys into custody and started to drive him away… but… as luck would have it – turns out they were just two nice young men that have a clothing company with a half-naked chick on the side that exalt a naughty lifestyle called Reckless Behavior Clothing. A theme of their line is centered around those darling fixie hooligans that speed around our streets. The witness saw one of the men get out of the van, go to a car, try the door handles, get in one side for a moment and then turn around and leave and get back in the van. It was actually the one guys own car. Apparently he left his window down, and after probably receiving the LAPD “Lock it, Hide it, Keep it” messaging – he hopped out of the van to roll the window up and make sure his doors were locked, and since his car is a fancy racing car he decided to take his steering wheel with him, ironically so it wouldn’t get stolen.  When LAPD pulled them over they had the steering wheel the witness thought they stole with them, and LAPD  thought he boosted it from the ride. Turns out there was no crime, so the momentarily detained duo suspected of reckless behavior were set free to reck again…

Everyone loves a happy ending. ( Happy ending reference has no association with the girl on the side of their van )

Audio of the call is below.

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