Oscar Duncan Memorial Growing On Santa Clara

Last nights murder of Oscar Duncan has clearly shaken the Venice/Oakwood community. A youth minister, Oscar went to Venice High School and worked at the local Boys & Girls Club in Venice.

From witness accounts, Oscar pulled up and parked on Santa Clara, about 40 ft from the front gate to his house with his girlfriend. They parked for a moment, and he sent out a twitter message at 10:08 p.m. He got out of his car, and just as he crossed the street to go in the front gate, a white car pulled up, and some reported the occupants yelling out a local gang name… and firing a gun which struck Oscar in the head. The shooters seemed to have waited for Oscar. He was unresponsive when police arrived at the scene. Oscar lived in a house with his family, raised by his grandmother and very devout family members. His good friend and former room mate told me that Oscar grew up in a neighborhood where a gang influence was always just around the corner, but he never ever took that path. He was criticized and taunted growing up for not choosing that path at times, but it never ever bothered him, it just wasn’t his thing. He spoke the word of the Lord, and some people didn’t like it. His friend said that some maybe felt Oscar was “above them” by preaching, and not supporting a gangster life. His family fears that his positive message and working with youth outreach groups in Compton and other areas may have cost him his life.

As a small crowd gathered around the spot where Oscar was shot, people continued to come by with flowers and cards and set them by the fence of the family home. Neighbors, friends and many that were influenced by Oscar all spoke of his character. How different he was. Talented, and very devoted to Venice and the Boys & Girls Club where he grew up, worked, received commendations and was about to begin full time work.

You don’t have to look far to see what kind of person Oscar was. His Tumblr page, Facebook page and YouTube videos reflect how he got the nickname “Choir Boy”. A neighbor I spoke with said the gang opportunity was all around him, and the local gang kids new him and they never had issues with one another. Although that may have been the typical day-to-day, the presence of local gang tagging and messaging has dramatically increased with “direct messages” for the last 6 weeks. Regardless of the motive, the senseless murder of a devoted local community member is having a strong ripple-effect. Oscars last communication, a tweet … says so much about his mission, and has set an inspirational tone to a life taken too soon by violence.



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