LA Marathon Mania – Wolfpack Hustle Expected To Poach Course Again

UPDATE: This race happens with the knowledge of City agencies but is not a sanctioned or permitted event… should be an amazing race! LAPD will be deployed to monitor. Meeting at 3 a.m. , race begins at 4 a.m.

Wolfpack Hustle website defines themselves as: “Wolfpack Hustle is dedicated to fixed gear, track and road bike culture in Los Angeles, a city currently dominated by the lowly automobile. No we aren’t Olympians or roided-out weekend warrior types… not even close. We are simply here to ride stronger, faster and to assert our rights to these gritty streets.”

There are those who see a new opportunity in almost anything. For a few years, when The City of LA cones off the route for the LA Marathon… a group has coordinated a bike race that night when there is opportunity to race the streets of LA with no traffic. Crazy.

The race categories are mens/womens fixed/geared. Winners received a prestigious race dogtag – a bunch of custom prizes and you can also enter to win a Cinelli frame (raffle). Right now there are 1,019 racers registered.


“This is not your hippie nephew’s Critical Mass. Nor is it your team’s Saturday bagel ride…the guy on the singlespeed is BMX pro Todd Lyons, who will pass you on the upcoming descent while pulling a wheelie. The kid on the Specialized Tarmac who drops you is 18-year-old Fabian Vasquez, who took second in this year’s Wolfpack Marathon Crash race—a 4 a.m. poach of the Los Angeles Marathon course.”

Here is all the street closure info from the LA Marathon Website:

Street closure information for the Honda LA Marathon is now available.  Please plan ahead for an alternate travel route to avoid street closures.


CLICK HERE to see a detailed Honda LA Marathon map.


Because the Honda LA Marathon reaches from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica, there are streets in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica that will be impacted by the race course.

CLICK HERE for a course closure grid.  These are streets directly on the Honda LA Marathon course in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica that will be closed for portions of March 18th.

CLICK HERE for a grid of additional streets that will be closed on March 18th.  Please note, that the streets listed on this grid are “Local Access Only”.  If your home or business is on the block adjacent to the course route, slowly approach the Officers or Transportation Engineers at the location and kindly ask them for access to the street and explain to them that you live or work locally within the closure area, but not on the course route itself.

To plan your trip on race-day, use the Commuterama map below to avoid road closures and use detour routes to get you to your destination.

View Larger Map


While freeways will be minimally impacted by the Honda LA Marathon, there are some freeway ramps that will be closed for portions of the morning of March 18th.  CLICK HERE for a freeway ramp closure grid and alternate routes to get to your destination.


Take a look at our Important Community Information flier for a general listing of street reopening times as well as other pertinent Honda LA Marathon information.


Click the map below for a look at the exit route for West Hollywood residents.



Click the map below for a look at alternative routes to exit Beverly Hills.

Join the fun! Residents are encouraged to visit the free Honda LA Marathon Expo at Dodger Stadium, volunteer during race weekend, and/or line the course to cheer runners.


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