Litigious Boardwalk Vendor Michael Hunt Found Guilty Of Breaking Woman’s Kneecap Over Vending Spot

Michael Hunt being arrested on Venice Beach for battery against a female.

UPDATE: Michael Hunt sentenced to 1 year in jail for busting a woman’s kneecap over a vending space. Due to nature of crime he will likely serve 80% of that time. No stay away order from Venice Beach. He will need some of that Shea butter where he’s going…

BIG thanks to the Office of the City Attorney for working hard on this case!

UPDATE: Michael Hunt sentencing stayed until tomorrow. He is held in jail on $100,000 bail. At least he can bail out…

After losing his lawsuit against the City on material counts, but winning a windfall sum due to an error of behalf of the City, Michael Hunt had a difficult day in court. Months after he was awarded a large settlement, he assaulted a woman on the boardwalk who was setting up in a vending space that was normall his. During the assault, he broke her kneecap and sent her to the hospital. He has been in court over the past several days on this issue and was found guilty today. He will be sentenced later this afternoon and we will post the results of the judges ruling, which MAY include another multi-year stay away order from Venice Beach.

Butter up, Butter down.



  1. Tuco Ramirez says:

    Mike Hunt has been removed from OFW forever. and let this be lesson to the rest of the bums on OFW.

  2. Greetings everybody. Justice has been served! I am the female that was pushed by Michael Hunt. I give a special thanks to Mr. Foxx who represented me and the city of L.A. (this time it was L.A. vs. Michael Hunt). Mr. Foxx advised me to tell the truth and that is exactly what I did. A special thanks also to all of you who have had knowledge of the incident and gave support from wherever you may be. I can’t even express the joy that I feel in my heart, to know that Michael Hunt will no longer be around to bully and harass all of the wonderful vendors and musicians that make the boardwalk the unique and special place that it is. May the powers of the universe be with you always and may prosperity fill your lives. Please feel free to join in with me on the crusade of bringing health and wealth systems into our communities. We will be bringing Moringa back to the boardwalk in order to help people that are ill and in need of a super food that can prevent up to 300 diseases and control so many ailments that people are suffering from.
    Also feel free to look at my website which is a system of wealth and peace of mind for those that are interested, and also a fund raising vehicle to help get Moringa to the public and to those that are in deep need of it.

    God bless us all! One Love…Always!

  3. You mean no one will be screaming to see Mike Hunt on OFW?
    I can’t resist it. It is like the old telephone gag
    Sorry about the lady’s knee
    Hopefully the beach can get a nice long break from this kind of stuff

  4. Hopeflly justice will be served and this bastard will be baned from OFW forever.

  5. This guy was a nut. Always yelling at the police to please arrest him so he can sue..

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