Ocean Front Walk Solar Powered Trash Hits Venice Beach

Three of the four flavors of trash cans along Ocean Front Walk. Missing is the popular 55 gallon metal drum.

As if delivered from outer space itself, Rec & Parks just started installing 10+ solar powered trash compactors along the Venice Boardwalk. These slick little numbers have a semi-flat top with a solar panel on it, and when the trash fills up to a certain point … it gets mashed into a small digestible cube. OK, we made up the digestible cube part, but it will mash the trash down. The only problem we see with them, as acknowledged by the guys installing them… is IF the top gets stickered or graffiti’d up… the solar panel won’t charge and it won’t work. So… there you go. As with EVERYTHING else nice and intended for the enjoyment of the masses… we’ll see how long it takes the vandalizing criminals to destroy it… if it hasn’t already happened.

Elroy, who vends things that smell good was the first to give the new trash can a whirl. It was successful.


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