Stolen Best Buy Truck Pursuit Ends In Venice

At 3:30 am 3 males stole a U-Haul truck full of electronics from Best Buy on Pico. The West LA division of LAPD gave pursuit and followed the suspects to California Ave in Venice where they bailed out of the vehicle. An LAPD airship was in pursuit already and they set up a perimeter immediately. One suspect is in custody. 3 K-9 units are on scene looking for the outstanding suspects. LAPD says they are for sure inside the perimeter still. Stay indoors.







  1. Arcadian says:

    Wow, released?? What the world coming too. If they can post bail its not fair, they just skip town. Justice is so messed up, i mean these guy were caught red handed, chop off their hands and let them go.

  2. Yes facts do matter. Once upon a time, it was a fact, according to society, that the earth was flat.

    I am sure that in the 10+ years since this study was done, that LAPD has vastly improved their air patrol division, and application of those resources rendering whatever study as relevant ONLY to the time period under which it was executed. ( i.e. mostly worthless ) I would think if you did a cost analysis of FD response, and various other life saving agencies and efforts which I also include LAPD squarely in… the cost of these efforts compared to one life, or disturbing the sleep of an entire community… doesn’t make financial sense. That is why these are MUNICIPAL SERVICES. Yes budgets matter but at the end of the day, these things are done because they save lives, and ensure public safety, regardless of the cost. I am sure there are many other services that society could do without as part of the municipal infrastructure bolstered by our tax dollars. If you want LAPD’s head on a stick because a helicopter was over a crime scene for 3 hours and they caught the three criminals… I’m pretty confident you are just going to be that person who wants criminals to walk free because of a budget issue, which is not acceptable to me.

    While you are at it… why not save all the Fire resources and just let the wild fires burn. People with structures should have fire insurance anyway so let it burn. They can just replace their vain possessions with their insurance settlement. LET IT BURN! Right?

    Have you done a study about what types of progress has been made in the air division in the last ten years? Might learn ya somthin!

  3. skyship watcher says:

    Do facts matter? They have had helicopter patrols in Los Angeles long before this study was researched in 2000 (1956 Los Angeles County bought its first helicopter)

    “armchair quarterback”
    “bean counter assessments” — These are only pejorative terms and do not lend credibility to the referenced “living and learning experience” or prove that my analysis was wrong.

    However, It has proven pretty effective to do research and record the results so that perhaps even 10-11 years later there is reference on these topics. These type of tools help people make informed decisions

  4. Oh Wah! Disagreeing with you is not berating you. And bringing narcissism into it which YOU was provocative, personal and … drumroll please … berating. You chose to post in a comment area viewable by the public on a PRIVATE website… again, your analysis was WRONG. The world does not exist off bean counter assessments and analysis. The real world is living and learning through experience. And thanks for referencing an 11 year old study. Glad your team of taskers is keeping up to date with such relevant and meaningful issues. Maybe you could reference something within a decade regarding crime preventative measures in Los Angeles specifically. In my opinion if you have to explain to someone that what you are saying makes common sense… it doesn’t.

  5. skyship watcher says:

    Yes, narcissism, now more than evident since you are telling me how to be more effective and speculating on my everyday life. Criticizing my opinions on a public forum with a cavalier attitude towards taxpayer money in the name of public safety does not win debates or keep budgets balanced either. There is ALOT of common sense in what I am saying. Every little bit adds up in the end and I am pointing out the fact that this could have been handled more efficiently and at less cost/impact to the public. Studies HAVE been done on this topic (Research Management Consultants Inc., 2000) Response time by helicopter patrol is only 10% better than other police vehicles at 5X the cost. I could go on but would rather encourage others to research this themselves. Go ahead start berating me now.

  6. Hmmm. Well, two things. First, I don’t think this has anything to do with narcissism. At all. So this being the second time you have used that as the crowbar for your argument kind of tells me your analysis and judgement is a bit off. I mean, if you just said ” in my opinion “, great. I’d get that. I don’t think narcissists have anything to do with it. Second, this is Los Angeles. People do a lot of things differently in a lot of places. A lot of places without airships also DON’T catch criminals every day that they otherwise would have, had they had an airship.

    My suggestion to you is that you go ask for your cost-benefit analysis if you are so concerned, and fight this issue you care so much about someplace other than a blog. Go be a hero and get things changed if you are right. I am quite confident in my knowledge and stance on the issue. Others can disagree and that is fine, but an argument that includes some common sense also goes a long way when they do. So far, the cheap and easy “other placed catch criminals without these resources” is really reaching for groundless generalizations and some tasteless low hanging fruit when it comes to your argument.

    There were plenty of crimes yesterday where an airship could have been used, but wasn’t. Are you going to champion that great event? Probably not. The guy they caught yesterday that required 3 airships over 4 hours is a young transient…has been on the street for a year, who’s crimes are becoming more aggressive and are escalating. I am glad it took several airships and K-9 units and AGAIN they caught the suspect who was evading police and hiding on private property in a garden waste trash can.

    The police catch criminals. That is what they do. The continue to improve their technology and techniques in the interest of public safety. There are far worse things that tax dollars are spent on… but regardless – if you want to compromise the safety of those around you because you don’t like how YOUR tax dollars are being spent by LAPD – I suggest you go do something materially constructive about it and let the rest of us enjoy fewer criminals on the street. I’m sure you enjoy 100% perfection and success in everything you do in life, which is where perhaps you get your metric to judge LAPD. QUITE the narcissistic position to cast judgement ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. skyship watcher says:

    Yes, Over the top!
    Narcissist’s would like me to shut up about how my tax money and city budget is spent. Believe it or not, law enforcement elsewhere catch criminals like this everyday without using millions of dollars of equipment and unnecessary personnel hours. A cost-benefit analysis of this situation would make your butt pucker up.

  8. If they really wanted to get away, then they should have ditched at the lincoln apartments.

  9. I live off California between Shell and Electric. It sounded like the helicopter was right above my house. LIghts were shining in my window and the helicopter was very loud, of course. I think if I was being pursued by the cops it would feel a little like that. I saw the Venice 311 Tweet “Coroner called To Brooks and 7th” and completely freaked out that there was a murderer on the loose. Managed to fall back asleep using ear plugs and pulling the shades, but I pity the poor folks who had to work that morning and stayed awake for hours.

  10. I don’t see how this operation was over the top at all. I watched the whole thing go down from about 5:30 a.m. and the cops and fire dept seemed to do a fine job. Why do you give a shit about the cost? It isn’t like they went out and hired people on the spot. Those police officers were already working. What a stupid thing to say. You want to save resources and let them get away with robbery? Idiot.

  11. Boardwalk Betty says:

    THEY LIVE HERE! Great! Wow what kind of idiot criminal drives towards the ocean, let alone Venice. They ditched the truck in a tiny little side street… so hard to navigate around that area… and you can’t drive fast. What a bunch of dummies.

  12. Shelly on Shell says:

    These guys were in my neighbors yard. I could see the police and the dogs go into the yard. It was very scary. I heard the helicopter but didn’t get up until they broadcast over the helicopter microphone to stay indoors and that they were looking for suspects. I am glad the police caught them. It is worth losing some sleep over. I would have lost more knowing they had escaped. Thank you for the updates. My neighbor told me to look at your computer twitter. What a great service.

  13. I will use the term armchair quarterbacks in that sense again, happily.It has nothing to do with narcissism at all – it has to do with common sense. Clearly you don’t understand that the police need to prepare and act with the interest of public safety in mind. When they don’t know the intent of a criminal, or how they are armed, they have to assume the worst to keep people safe. YOUR armchair quarterbacking, looking back now that nobody was taken hostage makes my point – and seems more narcissistic in this conversation than anything else. Thank you .

  14. skyship watcher says:

    This whole operation was way over the top. Was anyone killed or taken hostage? Were they al qaeda members? No and No. Be careful when speaking for the “armchair quarterbacks” with narcissist tones please.

  15. skyship watcher says:

    seems kinda extreme/expensive for the crime since the truck was recovered. how much did this cost?

    • Since the truck was recovered? As if it was all a big waste because they caught them? On scene today people were complaining about the helicopter keeping them awake. One woman wanted to go get her car… and was angry. It was explained to her that there were possibly armed criminals at large in this area. She was pissed and wanted to roll the dice anyway… LAPD actually had to stop her from entering the crime scene area to get her car. They had to vacate several homeless people from the area so the K-9 dogs wouldn’t possibly attack or hurt them. The police were doing their best to ensure public safety, and they were completely successful and in the aftermath I have heard a lot of complaints. It is amazing.

      You’d have to ask LAPD about the cost. Remember however that this isn’t Dukes of Hazard, where if you make it to the County Line after committing a crime you get away with it.

      I am a bit amazed that people are concerned about being kept awake, and how much helicopter fuel costs. Really? These three men robbed an electronics store and DID NOT pull over when being pursued for miles and miles by multiple patrol cars and an LAPD helicopter. What do you think that tells the cops about these men? Screw it, we don’t know what they got, but it might be too expensive so let them go?

      We arrest criminals here. That is how it works. These three guys were defiant. The police had no way of knowing if they had weapons, hostages, what else was in the truck. When the suspects finally bailed out… they ran and hid IN A NEIGHBORHOOD. What if they entered a house? Took a hostage? Killed someone? Were heavily armed? The police already determined that these were defiant criminals who were intent on evading the crime… they have to plan for the worst. How does that not make sense to people?

      So I guess really maybe the “total cost” of the effort isn’t the issue here… what people are really saying is that a robbery of a few thousand dollars of electronics that the armchair quarterbacks like to criticize after the fact, is worth someone being held hostage, shot, or just letting these guys get away because they don’t want to be disturbed while sleeping by a helicopter. A nice reflection of human concern and decency, because hey, if they guys got away with it that easily… what else might they do?

      Let the police be the police. In this instance, they followed three men who robbed a big electronics store, and fled, and would not stop and submit to questioning or arrest. They actively ran from police. Then they hid in a neighborhood, where all three were eventually found and arrested. NOT ONE gave themselves up – they were found by K-9 dogs in an area with a lot of trees. The helicopter still had the best view. And from all that… a GREAT success story… people want to complain about cost and boiling the whole operation down to what the total amount of goods stolen was? UN-believable.

      LAPD, at 3:30 a.m. rallied three police divisions to get the manpower to handle this crime. These are very complex operations. How about we all be happy that the criminals are in custody?

  16. Yay, LAPD. Helicopter still over Milwood/Palms/Electric.

  17. damn……so does this mean i’m not gonna get that T.V after all??

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