Foxtails And Fleas – Protect Your Pet This Summer

Every day in the summer I remove foxtails from my dogs legs after a walk along the Marina canals. Foxtail is a weed rampant in California with seeds that look like a fox’s tail. The tip of each seed has barbs, allowing it to move only deeper into your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, feet, genitals and coat. Foxtails cause a lot of discomfort to dogs and cats and can even migrate internally, potentially causing organ damage and severe illness. Check your dog’s feet and coat for foxtails after a hike. If you think your dog or cat has a foxtail that you cannot remove at home, take them to your veterinarian as soon as possible to reduce the risk of the foxtail migrating deeper.

Successful flea control involves eliminating fleas from your pet and controlling fleas in the environment. If any of your pets go outside, you should treat ALL the pets in your household. Talk to your veterinarian about what products are best for your pets. Many local pet stores like Centinela Feed has low cost clinics for a range of pet treatments. A great source of information on organic flea control can be found at

Cats also need special care in the Summer! VCA Marina has a special going on right now with a lot of extra perks if you bring your cat in for an exam. They are a great neighborhood vet!


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