New Video! Bomb Scare On Metro Bus At Pacific And Windward – Tony Vera Video

What would the first day of Summer be without a nice bomb threat?

Someone on a Metro Bus that stopped at Windward Circle by the Post Office left a large bag on the bus, and per protocol, especially in such a heavy traffic zone like the boardwalk area, safety prevails.

LAPD closed down the whole area and called in the bomb squad. Word spread quickly that there was a severed head in a duffel bag ( apparently the only kind of bag you are allowed to put a head in ) and left it on the bus. The bomb squad arrived, took a portable X-ray of the bag… and there was no head, and no bomb.

Back to business as usual in Venice.

LAPD Bomb Squad uses a portable XRAY machine to scan the suspect bag.



  1. Sorry, but this is totally idiotic… even the cops have seen too many movies.

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