Arrests Instead Of Tickets Now On Ocean Front Walk

We just spoke with Lt. Bert commanding officer of  Pacific Division area detectives in response to the increased activity on the scanner today. Lt. Bert informed us that today was part of an ongoing mission through the Pacific Division where they deploy as substantial amount of officers approximately every 28 days as an increased enforcement program. Although this operation had been scheduled prior to the recent unusual violent crimes on the Boardwalk, he did decide to deploy extra teams along Palms where there have been a rash of robberies, and with the homeless outreach, undercover, mounted and uniformed officers along Ocean Front Walk.

As part of this mission, and to effect the recent tenor along the boardwalk, instead of issuing tickets for jailable offenses, suspects cited for the very common open container, narcotics use in public and other common boardwalk infractions are being taken directly to jail and booked for their crimes. “These are all jailable offenses,” said Lt. Bert. “We are not sending a message of no-tolerance, but one that lets people know we are taking enforcement at the beach very seriously.”

The metro mounted police will be deployed today at 1 p.m., and this mission which started this morning will extend for a full 24 hours. There will also be the newly increased police presence this weekend and on upcoming weekends along the boardwalk.

Lt. Bert and Captain Walters walk patrol and make arrests at Venice Beach



  1. Last Summer my wife ran out to get milk at Nicks on Washington, on her way home, milk in hand, she was stopped and ticketed by LAPD for riding her bike the ‘wrong’ way down Speedway – As this was happening a gang fight erupted in our alley and it took forever to get officiers on scene. Guess they were too busy writing tickets to residents getting milk for their children or perhaps they were occupied issuing those No Front License Plate tickets to people kind enough to wait in cue for the parking lots.

    Poorly directed police resources result in an egregious disrespect of residents. We already suffer under the burden of a poorly managed tourist attraction; thus we are not entirely thrilled about increased police presence. I appreciate the opportunity to get ‘bad guys’ off the street however, is the LAPD going to conduct itself with some common sense and leave the lady with the milk the fuck alone?!

    • Boo hoo. You missed the point of the story and instead tried to show your wife as the victim for something she clearly did wrong. And, you’re lucky that she arrived home in one piece instead of getting hit by a car because of her illegal actions.

    • Beach Lover says:

      This is part of our problem. The people who live at the beach think they are above it all. My neighbors dog was killed from an off-leash dog. Too many of the people that walk their dogs ON the beach, ride bikes the wrong way and have no respect for the neighborhood live here. Is it expensive? Yes! Does it give you special rights? No! Parents everywhere need to buy milk for their babies. It is ok to drive your car the wrong way on speedway because someone down the road is committing what you consider a “worse” crime? Tell the lady with the #%&!ing milk to set an example for her family and the neighborhood. By the way, the bike path is less than half a block away from Nicks. SO hard to do the right thing.

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