Stabbing At Venice Beach Drum Circle On Easter Sunday

UPDATE: Monday 7:29 a.m.- Victim still in stable condition. Venice311 and LAPD are requesting that anyone with photos or video from a cell phone or otherwise please contact LAPD Pacific Station at 310-482-6334, or email them here. All information will remain anonymous if requested.

For the fourth consecutive week, a major crime has plagued the beach during the Sunday night drum circle. The winds were blowing hard on Easter Sunday, so the crowd at the beach was not as packed for a sunny day as it normally is. The Easter holiday usually is a big tourist day, but despite the smaller crowd size… a young Hispanic man was stabbed twice in the chest just as LAPD was emerging to close the drum circle.

We were on the roof of a local building filming the drum circle when the call came out over the police scanner about the stabbing. Because people are routed to CHP when they call 911 from a cell phone, it is estimated that the actual stabbing occurred about ten minutes prior to LAPD driving up. They received the call over the radio just as they were approaching. The first call indicated the victim was female, but when LAPD showed up the male Hispanic victim and his girlfriend were trying to stop the bleeding. Paramedics were called and a lifeguard truck showed up to help drive the injured victim off the sand to the waiting paramedic truck. The response was immediate, but it is always a challenge getting a victim off the sand.

The last word from LAPD was that the victim was in stable condition. The suspect was said to be a Hispanic male wearing tan shorts, several tattoos including one in the center of his back, carrying a big drum. Despite an immediate comb of OFW and detaining several possible suspects, the perpetrator is still at large.

Violence, alcohol and drug abuse has been increasing during the Sunday drum circles. Local residents and Ocean Front Walk businesses want the event shut down or dispersed early in the afternoon because of the violence, and lingering violent activity along Ocean Front Walk.  We will update this story as more information is available.

Video From Tony Vera

Video From Tony Vera



  1. so sad that something as peaceful as a drumcircle is about get deep sixed.
    one wonders if there could be a musicians only circle, and let that other thing be what it really wants to be…a boozed up frat/gang/rage party.

    i’ve always enjoyed saturday in the winter months. just 35 drummers drumming, no bad vibes.

    everyone i talk to speaks of their fear that this summer is going to be a bummer for anyone looking for a peaceful vibe at the beach.


  2. If anyone has photos or video, even from a cell phone from the Easter Sunday drum circle from any time during the day, please contact us, send the photos or contact LAPD.

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