VNC Member Ivonne Guzman Arrested For Assault on Ocean Front Walk

Ivonne Guzman and friend under arrest for assault, and assault on a Police Officer at The Bistro on Ocean Front Walk


On Sunday night, Venice Neighborhood Council Member Ivonne Guzman was arrested for battery against a member of Venice 311 on Ocean Front Walk. The victim was riding her bicycle home from grocery shopping at Whole Foods, when Ms. Guzman, who was apparently drinking at The Bistro saw her ride by. Guzman then took to her bicycle, following the victim, then physically grabbed her from behind, hit her, stole her cell phone and executed a barrage of verbal threats. Ms. Guzman, who had previously followed the victim down Ocean Front Walk filming and intimidating her, continued to ride in circles around the victim, making two more passes where she engaged in more physical battery and verbal threats to the victims physical safety.

In her verbal assault, Ms. Guzman accused the victim of making the initial phone call earlier in the year that resulted in Guzman being detained for possible kidnapping, where Guzman was pulled over in a vehicle after a passer by saw a man reportedly pick up a child around midnight and put it in a car in a manner that seemed against the childs will. Ms. Guzman and the man in the vehicle were both let go after an investigation which included Ms. Guzman being served a field sobriety test. Although the victim did not make the call, and only responded to the scene after hearing the police radio call regarding a kidnapping on a police scanner, Ms. Guzman has seen fit to inaccurately hold the victim personally accountable for the incident which resulted in no arrests and was nothing more than LAPD responding to a credible report and executing a subsequent investigation in proper form – but from which Ms. Guzman later demanded apologies and special treatment from LAPD as a member of the Venice Neighborhood Council in a letter that was sent to an excessively long list of recipients including the Governor of California. In that same letter Guzman described herself as a “Community Leader”. Guzman and the same man from the kidnapping incident were both arrested Sunday night. Guzman for the assault on the female on Ocean Front Walk, her friend and father of a disabled child (who is around the age of 21 but looks to be a child as a result of her disability) for assault on a Police Officer and their friend for interfering with an investigation. All three were arrested at the scene. The disabled child was also reportedly at the scene, left with only a mild acquaintance to care for her as the two people in charge of her care were both under arrest.

During her initial approach to the victim, Guzman physically grabbed and shook her asking, “Why did you rat me out for kidnapping to the police you snitch!” She then stole the victims cell phone, riding around her on her bike asking and taunting her stating “How are you going to call the police now, Bitch?” Guzman then physically assaulted the victim two more times, during which the victim was able to recover her cell phone after a tremendous struggle where Guzman tried to keep the phone from her and push her to the ground.

After the assault Guzman went back to The Bistro to drink with her friends. LAPD responded and when they questioned Ms. Guzman she denied that she had even seen or spoke to the victim at all. Then, when told that the victim reported an assault she stated to police that she would then just say that the victim assaulted her. The police then asked her why she stated she had denied having any contact with the victim and Ms. Guzman said she was calling a lawyer. At that time her friend and father of the disabled child became violent and assaulted police officers. Ms. Guzman was taken into custody for the assault based on her conflicting statements, seemingly made under the influence of alcohol.
Video of Guzman Verbally Assaulting the Victim.


The victim was photographed by officers at the scene. Suffering from a degenerative spine disease, the victim wears a full body brace covered by bulky clothing to protect her spine from jolting and movement. She was unable to defend herself against Guzman who is considerably larger than she is, and is currently being treated at a local hospital for her injuries. A request is being made by the victim for the details of the original call made to police regarding the kidnapping call to prove in civil court that she had nothing to do with initiating any police call.

Ms. Guzman’s court date for the assault is scheduled for early May.

Photograph of the victim after the assault showing the full body brace worn as a result of a degenerative spine disease.

Video showing Ivonne Guzmans face


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